GIGER MD® Therapy
for Spina Bifidas

With the aid of GIGER MD® therapy, successful treatment of spina bifida is possible. Learn more about the therapy progress and prospects!

GIGER MD® Therapy for Spina Bifida – Better Quality of Life through Unique Movement Therapy

The spina bifida birth defect often has a significant impact on the life of those affected. Sensory disturbances, malformations and sometimes even severe paralysis are affecting their quality of life and independence.

GIGER MD® therapy is a recognized form of treatment for spina bifida, which can greatly reduce the impact of the disease and significantly improve motor development of the child that is affected. Using advanced therapy tools can help reverse paralysis to some extent.

Repairing an injured nervous system with GIGER MD® therapy

Repairing an injured central nervous system (CNS) was long considered impossible. Often, this is still made out to be so today. Yet, there are scientific studies that prove that it can be possible to regain lost functions through targeted retraining and to effectively address adverse effects. The key is a targeted motor-driven training.

With the help of the sophisticated GIGER MD® therapeutic tools, even patients with severe neurological damage can regain or improve important functions to some extent.

Children and adults who suffer from spina bifida benefit from:

  • A reduction of paralysis and muscular failure
  • Malposition prevention
  • The promotion of healthy motor and mental development

Early GIGER MD® therapy significantly contributes to those affected being able to lead a happy and fulfilled life – despite their illness.

Gentle training with modern therapy instruments

GIGER MD® therapy is distinguished not only by its effectiveness, but also by the gentle and pleasant treatment:

  • It is painless and free from fatigue
  • The patient is in a nearly weightless state
  • The movements are harmonious and supported
  • The therapy can be combined with any other forms of treatment and has no undesirable side effects

Special software records the training and records the progress. Thus, the therapy can be continuously adjusted.

Free trial therapy session at our therapy center

We offer a free introduction to GIGER MD® therapy at our treatment center. In addition to comprehensive advice on your treatment options and chances of success, this includes a trial therapy session with our equipment.

Contact us here for more information or sign up for a free trial therapy session!

  • „V. is doing things which I would never have dreamt of that she would ever be able to do.“

  • “We are doing good with our machine. Kids love it and enjoy working on it.”

  • „Unexpectedly, after the theory, he was able to prevent involuntary leakage of urine for 45 minutes. This was totally new. They are completely enthused […].“

  • He’s coordination, tonicity as well as the psychological and physiological stability have drastically improved. At the same time, the range of his interests increased. He developed into a bright youngster, who wants to experience all sorts of things.”


GIGER MD® therapy improves the quality of life

In case of neurological diseases and injuries. Contact us here!

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