Spina Bifida Therapy

Giger MD® therapy is an extremely effective treatment method for spina bifida. Find out about its successes here!

Successes Even in Case of Severe Paralysis – Spina Bifida Treatment with GIGER MD® Therapy

GIGER MD® therapy is based on the scientific realization that an injured central nervous system can be repaired. Through targeted and regular training with advanced therapy instruments, it is possible to improve and restore impaired functions. As such, those affected by spina bifida gain a new level of self-control and quality of life. For children, the therapy often opens up new ways of leading a largely self-determined and happy life later on.


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The basic therapy principles

While an injured central nervous system (CNS) was long considered to be beyond repair, we now know that impaired functioning may be improved or can even be recovered to a certain extent through specific training.

At the basis of GIGER MD® therapy is the fact is that the frequency- and phase-coordinated firing of neurons that is central to the self-organization of the CNS is partially lost in an injury. With regular exercise, it can be relearned. Thus, it is possible to reorganize the CNS and considerably improve impaired motor, mental and vegetative functions by relearning. One prerequisite for this are the GIGER MD® therapeutic tools, which have been developed over the course of decades of hard work and are unmatched in their intensity and accuracy.

Healthy components of the CNS learn the functions of the damaged nerve cells through persistent training.

Possible successes thanks to GIGER MD® therapy

In the past, GIGER MD® therapy has been able to achieve amazing successes even in severe cases of spina bifida.

With its help, the following are possible:

  • to successfully counteract paralysis
  • prevent misalignments
  • to strengthen the muscles and make for a healthy posture
  • to relieve indigestion

Through the early use of the therapy, the development of affected children can be significantly affected and thus also their quality of life in their later years. Often,the first successes are noticeable right away (for example, when the child is crawling or walking).

Gentle and painless training in your own home

The foundation of GIGER MD® therapy is the training equipment that was developed over the course of decades of hard work. In their effectiveness and intensity, this equipment is unmatched (up to 30,000 joint movements within 20 minutes). Herein, the training can be carried out independently in the patient’s own home even after just a short familiarization period. It is characterized by the following features:

  • Pleasantly harmonious movements in an almost weightless state
  • Free from pain and fatigue
  • Feeling of absolute safety

The GIGER MD® therapy software, which is included with each unit, continuously monitors the progress of the training and displays it to the person concerned/ the parents. On this basis, the therapy can be continually adapted and improved on an individual basis.

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GIGER MD® therapy improves the quality of life

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